My Services


I currently do Reiki sessions out of my home in Palm Springs, California. For this experience you are fully clothed, lying comfortably on my massage table. I use essential oils, crystals and meditation music during the treatment to help you relax and rejuvenate. Depending on your level of comfort, I can place my hands gently on you or hover them over your body to send you that healing energy.

Distance Reiki

Can't come to me? We can set up an appointment anywhere in the world at a convenient time for you! We do these sessions via Skype. Most of my appointments are done through distance and it has the same overall effect, just no essential oils or hands on. My clients report feeling tingling and warmth in the areas I worked on during the session. How does it work? There are symbols we use in Reiki, one of them is a distance symbol meaning I can send healing energy anywhere in the world! Just like the power of prayer, energy can be sent to any spot on the globe.

reiki for pets

Even pets need some TLC! Animals are very sensitive to energy. I do it on pets and have done it on dogs in animal rescues/shelters. It can make such a difference in healing physical and emotional wounds! This can also be done by distance. 


Coming Soon! 

I am currently doing my PhD in Integrative Medicine to be able to further help my clients heal both through me and at home themselves with essential oils, herbs, food, meditation, sound therapy, acupuncture and so much more! 

Brie is very compassionate about healing and as a first time Reiki client she made the experience for me very comfortable and safe. During our session I felt completely relaxed and at the end I felt calm and at peace. Her warm energy and compassionate heart also invited me to open up to her and she was very attentive and comforting. She is truly a healer and is very intuitive at what she does! I plan on making future appointments with her!
— Zeenat ~ Sacramento, CA